Attendees will walk away educated, equipped, empowered and encouraged to confidently rise to the occasion of post-military living, having a renewed since of self, sisterhood and determination to persevere towards ultimate success in whatever area they choose lead.


Testimonial by Leah Jones, LTC
Had a wonderful Veterans Day weekend with a group of beautiful women veterans. Met some lovely Ladies, heard stories of strength and resilience, and received tools for self-improvement and prepa-ration for life after the military. Inspired by Ginger Baine Miller and her heart for the state of women veterans, and blessed by her organization Women Veterans Interactive (WVI). Thanks Sharon D. Green for keeping me in the loop and always looking out for a sista’!
Leah Jones, LTC
Army, Pentagon
Testimonial by  Latonia Peterson Parks, Retired Army
For the past 2 years my Veterans Day has been spent in Washington, DC as a member of the Women Veterans Interactive. The weekend was full of information regarding issues AND SOLUTIONS concerning our women vets. EACH branch of the military was beautifully represented. GO ARMY!! The speakers were phenomenal and the new and old friendships continue to be awesome. There is enough “weight” in the room to move mountains on your behalf. Check us out and become a part of something that is laser-focused on helping our sisters in arms. Go to WomenVeteransInteractive.org for more information and details about membership
Latonia Peterson Parks, Retired Army
Fayetteville, NC
Testimonial by Elizabeth A. Estabrooks, MSSW
Attending the Women Veteran’s Interactive Summit I was reminded that the needs, challenges, and barriers faced by women veterans are strikingly similar from coast to coast. We also share concerns about homeless-ness, unemployment, and inaccessible or unavailable mental or physical health services specific to women veterans. This resonates in conversations I have with women veterans around Oregon, where I often hear them say they wish they had access to a national mission-focused organization developed by women veterans, for women veterans, about women veterans. They want the camaraderie and support of the veteran sisterhood, which they cannot find in service organizations like the VFW and American Legion, but they also want an orga-nization that ‘gets’ them and focuses on women. Having spent two days at the 2016 WVI Summit, I believe that Women Veterans Interactive closely aligns with what women veterans want in a service organization. Thank you Ginger for your apparent time and investment in WVI. I look forward to future participation!
Elizabeth A. Estabrooks, MSSW
Oregon Women Veterans Coordinator
Testimonial by Angel Clark, Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army
I had a great Veterans Day weekend at the 5th Annual Women Veterans and Women in the Military Extravaganza. We not only had wonderful guest speakers but, we also had a Masquerade Gala and a Brunch Cruise on the Potomac. There were so many amazing women there who’ve served in the mili-tary and some who are still serving. There were women from the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and the Coast Guard. There were awesome guest speakers also; Ginger Miller (Founder & President) Michele Thornton (BET, Centric Executive), Torrei Hart (actress and producer), Kayla Williams (Director, Center for Women Veterans) and many more..... Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) is a non-profit organization, who help women veterans with unemployment services, homelessness, mentorship, or those other needed support services. Check it out online and join: www.womenveteransinteractive.org If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry there’s always next year.
Angel Clark, Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army
Huntsville, AL